Business Spectrum

Business Spectrum

Being extremely quality conscious and reliable source for challenging molecules, the most of our products are treated as industry standards for cutting edge research and expanding frontiers in the industry.

We follow strict quality control procedures. All required analytical tests are completed for NMR, LC-MS, GC-MS, FT-IR, HPLC, etc.

Research & Development

Highly qualified, skilled & dedicated team of Research Scientists is always on its toe to seek innovation in synthetic chemistry.

Custom Synthesis

We conduct a full literature search of target compound & pertinent synthetic methods to deliver exactly what is needed.

Contract Research

You can choose FTEs for Contract Research from a fleet of our highly qualified chemical engineers & chemists.

Technology Transfer

With an extensive exposure in Chemical Technology Development, we are piling it up and can be shared with our customers as needed.

Contract Synthesis

We offer contract synthesis with high integrity to deliver starting or intermediate materials or building bocks of a specific molecule/ compound.

Purification of Chemicals

We have over a decade of experience in purification of 'hard to purify chemicals. We are an elixir for customers willing to solve their chemical purification problems.

Looking for Chemical Products or Solutions Provider?

You are perfectly at the right place to get the best quality products at the best price possible.